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Following the successful first Webinar, we are delighted to share with you an opportunity to join our second Webinar themed: Case Studies of Covid 19 and EOLC in the Community, Care Homes, Hospital and Hospice on the 28th April 2020 7-8.30 pm.

We are grateful to our expert panel of Dr Phil Brighton, Dr Upaasna Garbharran, (Geriatricians) Dr Sunil Lobo (Acute Medicine) and Dr Andrew Thorns (Palliative Medicine) and facilitated by Dr Rakesh Koria Macmillan and CCG EOLC GP Lead.

We may have additional input from the Coroner’s Team, Microbiologist to guide with testing and Public Health Expert if possible.

I am sure you will agree that Covid 19 Pandemic has caused us many challenges in our daily clinical practice, with huge amounts of daily communications to help us navigate many clinical issues ranging from acutely unwell patients of all ages, advance care planning to end of life, therapeutic, logistical, ethical, workforce and health & safety. Whilst many guidelines and tools have been shared, some of our daily dilemmas require, our most tried and tested means of solving such difficult issues together, via discussions, reflections and local supportive best practice solutions. Please join this meeting from the comfort of your home and share your dilemmas and I am sure with the help of our expert panel’s pearls of wisdom and our collective focus, together we can do more!

Issues and Focus:

Treatment Escalation Plans (TEP) Discussions, Decisions and DNARs Covid 19 Approach for Generalist EOLC Support Out of Hours Hospice Support EK Frailty Team and ART

Many Other Issues: Do you have any other burning issues? Email

Chat Box Themes and Key Challenges and Solutions Sharing from 21st Apr 2020 Webinar

Case Based Discussions:

Significant comorbidities but keen on escalation and not agreeing to DNAR, so what next?

Multiple deaths at rapid succession in Care Homes and what is the best approach?

What, Who and How do we determine the ethically the best supportive and escalation care settings?

Extremely breathless and agitated delirious patients needing EOLC in the community

If you would like to share a case that could help us all learn from email

Additional Information:

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Please note we may have to limit the numbers for meaningful session and IT reasons.

Please refer to the attached Attendees Information Sheet for further information.

In case of any other issues, please contact Emily Fagg

Rosie Baur

For any clinical issues Rakesh Koria

We look forward to you joining us from the comfort of your home, to what is going to be a helpful session packed with pragmatic practice shared learning.