BPF Webinar Covid 19 and Primary Care Now & Future Challenges in Practice Tuesday 2nd June 7-8.45 pm

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Following the last 6 successful Webinars, we are delighted to share with you an opportunity to join our next Webinar themed: Covid 19 and Primary Care Now & Future Challenges in Practice on the 2nd June 2020 7-8.45 pm.

We are grateful to our panel of GPs Dr Sadia Rashid Dr John Sharvill Dr Aravinth Balachandran Nurses Managers and Allied Health Care Professionals to confirm in due course

who will be joined by additional resident panel experts and MDT members and facilitated by Dr Rakesh Koria Macmillan and CCG EOLC GP Lead.

I am sure you will agree that Covid 19 Pandemic has caused us many challenges in our daily clinical practice, with huge amounts of daily communications to help us navigate many clinical issues ranging from acutely unwell patients of all ages, cancer care and advance care planning to end of life, therapeutic, logistical, ethical, workforce, care homes and health & safety. Whilst many guidelines and tools have been shared, some of our daily dilemmas require, our most tried and tested means of solving such difficult issues together, via discussions, reflections and local supportive best practice solutions. Please join this meeting from the comfort of your home and share your dilemmas and I am sure with the help of our expert panel’s pearls of wisdom and our collective focus, together we can do more!

Issues and Focus:

Primary Care and Covid 19 Challenges, Impact on Patients Professionals and Processes

Technology Enhanced Consultations and Future, MDT Means of Delivering Primary Care,

Future of GPs Nurses, Paramedics, Pharmacist and Allied Health Care Professionals

IN and OOH Care Communities of Practice PCN, Risks Benefits and Opportunities of Collaboration

Many Other Issues: Do you have any other burning issues? Email r.koria@nhs.net

Chat Box Themes and Key Challenges and Solutions Sharing from 26th May 2020 Webinar

Case and Situational Based Discussions:

How has Covid 19 impacted on your professional role in Primary Care?

What have been the key challenges for you your patients and your teams?

Will our consultations and daily routines ever be the same again and what would be best?

What are the medico legal risks and how do we mitigate these?

What will we learn from this Pandemic as far as Primary Care is concerned?

What are the best teleconsultations tools and software material to support us best?

What would help us with patient as far as hospitals and other support is concerned?

Covid 19 impact is multi systems wide, are you aware and how do we meet these?

Many other Covid 19 Key Learning Points from the week from our resident panel members

If you would like to share a case that could help us all learn from email r.koria@nhs.net

Additional Information:

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In case of any other issues, please contact Emily Fagg emily.fagg@nhs.net

Rosie Baur rosie.baur@nhs.net or Clare Thomas clarethomas@nhs.net

For any clinical issues Rakesh Koria r.koria@nhs.net

We look forward to you joining us from the comfort of your home, to what is going to be a helpful session packed with pragmatic practice shared learning.


K&M wide Covid EOLC Resource stored on the RST for that is excellent for all key aspects and has been prepared with enormous input of all professionals taking into account the current best guidelines and practice but with local K&M network focus.


Recorded Webinars

All our 3 previous webinars will be available shortly and we hope to share the access details shortly as well as any other supportive information.

Additionally, as Macmillan Team we are happy to respond to any or your specific educational, training and support needs with all things Covid, EOLC and of course any Cancer challenges during these testing times.

Please share what key clinical areas you would like us to focus on in our future next Webinars and please note we will evaluate the key comments you shared on the last webinar chat box to guide us BUT we need your help now to share more of these webinars contents. We are also reviewing the webinar contents for sharing in due course.

Thank you for your continual support, engagement, and enthusiasm