Chair of RCGP recommends longer GP consultations

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

At East Kent Training Hub, we were interested to read the views of Helen Stokes Lampard, Chair of the Royal College of Physicians, on extending the standard time allowed for GP consultations.

In an opinion piece for the British Medical Journal, Stokes Lampard suggests that the minimum standard time for consultations in GP practices should be set at 15 minutes.

"It is this holistic, truly person-centred care that every GP aspires to deliver," Stokes Lampard writes, "but pressures on NHS general practice, indeed, the entire NHS, make it increasingly difficult for us to give our patients this kind of attention."

The opinion piece goes on to set out the kinds of improvements that are needed to help improve GPs' capacity and deliver the best care for patients.

We recommend reading the full article on the BMJ website.