Chaperone Training via Zoom

Welcome to our new way of training! As a temporary measure, HAT training will be running its Chaperone Training via the online platform Zoom. In order for everybody to receive the most value from this training as possible, we’ve set some ground rules and guidelines as set out below. We hope you find these useful.

• HAT Training will require a list of course participants (names and email addresses) one week before the course. Last minute course attendees may not be admitted due to the nature and different style of the course delivery. HAT Training will offer a short ‘practice’ Zoom session at a pre-arranged time for those course participants who have not had experience with Zoom.

• All course participants will require a computer, laptop, ipad or tablet with a camera in order to participate in the training as well as access to the internet. Unfortunately, we have found that Zoom does not work well with a smart phone. As this is certified mandatory training for medical chaperones, access via a webcam/camera will be required to ensure full attendance and participation.

• HAT Training will limit the course attendees to 12 participants to ensure that the session remains interactive and individual concerns and questions can be addressed. The intention is that the session will run in the same way as an interactive classroom session.

• The chaperone training session will last for 2.5 hours. This includes;

o an introduction to the Zoom platform and guidance for the training session

o completion of the learning outcomes for chaperone training set out in the National guidelines for Medical Chaperones in Primary Care Settings

o a demonstration of the chaperone role (simulated roleplay) o discussion of a variety of chaperoning scenarios In addition, the following will be provided; o referenced course documentation

o a helpline via email for four weeks post training

• HAT Training will email all course materials to course participants one week prior to the training;

o Instructions for using zoom, a link to the Chaperone training Course and an invitation to attend a short ‘practice’ zoom session if required

o A pdf version of the powerpoint presentation. We request that course participants print the pdf version of the slides prior to attending the training.

o Relevant course handouts and a competence assessment sheet for completion in the workplace following the training

Please email to book on