Course in Conversations Inviting Change

“Conversations Inviting Change” is a training in advanced interactional skills, based on the simple idea that everyone – whether as a patient, client, learner or colleague – benefits from telling stories about their experiences, and being skilfully questioned about these. It is highly effective in person-centred consultations, supervision, team building and in challenging encounters of all kinds.

Our recent course in April and May proved a great success, with highly positive feedback. One GP trainer from E Kent who attended described how it provided “a new way of helping trainees/patients to help themselves and come up with solutions to dilemmas that are right for them rather than my advice or what I would do...a positive uplifting course, refreshing especially at the moment.”

The forthcoming course is entirely free and will consist of three two-hour sessions on the afternoons of Wednesday 14 July, 28 July and 11 August (attendance is expected at all three sessions). Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Further details are on the below flyer.

If you would like to reserve, please email direct: