Embedding Wellbeing in General Practice for Primary Care Networks

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Working in General Practice is stressful! Every day is different, and the challenges staff face can build over time to affect not only the individual’s wellbeing but the overall working of the whole team.

In association with Kent Local Medical Committee, Invicta Health Learning are offering this Embedding Wellbeing in General Practice workshop, which will cover:

  • Introduction to wellbeing

  • The relationship between wellbeing and mental and physical health

  • The role of resilience within general practice

  • Understand the things which can impact negatively and positively on wellbeing

  • How do your staff want to feel valued?

  • How does your office environment impact on wellbeing and what can be done to make it work for everyone?

  • Improve your understanding of wellbeing and its relationship to work outcomes

  • Tools, tips, and techniques to develop your own resilience and wellbeing, support and encourage wellbeing with your colleagues

The learning objective of this workshop is to generate discussions between all members of the Practice as to what small changes would benefit their overall wellbeing and aid their continued contribution to the surgery.

This training is for PCN staff, including managers, receptionists, administrators, practice nurses, and medical secretaries. It is 3.5 hours workshop and there is no maximum number of delegates for this workshop. If you register your PCN for this workshop, you will need to provide the venue.

If you would like to book a session for your PCN, please contact Invicta at: