ES invitation for CIC training @ March 21.

Dear Fellow Educators,

I want to thank you for all your support you have given and continue to give to your trainees, other learners, staff, and each other during this second surge and lockdown. I am sure you would agree that it has been even more taxing than the first episode in April 2020.

We are now entering the Covid Recovery phase in NHSE and HEE.

I also want to invite you to a skills development training programme called 'Conversations inviting Change'. We are very fortunate in East Kent to have John Launer, who with his team, has agreed to deliver this as a pilot to 12 ES's initially over 3 sessions. Some of the Trainer Groups were using the CIC method in their Hot Topic discussions prior to lockdown. The website gives further details for those interested.

If you are interested in accessing this opportunity, please could you complete the attached form and return it to Anita by 7pm Monday 22nd February so that we can launch the pilot during March.

I know you are all busy delivering vaccinations clinics and GMS 'business as usual'. Days and times will be arranged to suit the majority of those attending, so please mark your preferences on the attached using the dropdown selection to indicate:

  • which day of the week (Tues, Wed or Thurs) and which session (Am or Pm) suits you

  • whether one session of 2 hours or 3 hours is preferred, and

  • the frequency of the 3 sessions is best managed every 2, 3 or 4 weeks apart.

If this evaluates well in helping you support your trainees, then I will seek to extend it for others to participate and if possible, build in an on-going adjunct to the trainer groups to sustain your resilience over this recovery phase, which has a very uncertain trajectory.

I am very aware that for some of you, the endurance needed to maintain the excellent level of supervision and support for trainees, many in challenging situations delivering service in the stretched hospital and community settings, while attempting to progress their training in preparing for and sitting their examinations, is beginning to fatigue. I very much hope this course will help you with this.

You might also find this Wellbeing resource of help

If you have any questions about this or unrelated to this but training in general, as always, please feel free to email and I will try to answer in a timely manner.

Best wishes and do take care of yourselves,