Free online learning: OD Essentials Programme

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

With Primary Care needing the OD skills to support change within their system, please find below a link to a free online programme provided by NHS Leadership Academy.

This may be of interest to Practice Managers or anyone who is leading on change, and may want to learn how OD can help with the change process.

The programme was written by Paul Taylor Pill and colleagues at Do OD. This is a controlled cohort design, where virtual groups move through a series of e-learning modules together in tranches every 5 weeks.

The reason they move through together is that there is an online group workshop as part of this. Topic coverage is in the link below. I understand the cohorts are fairly full up to Christmas through previous expressions of interest so anyone registering now is likely to be after that. The estimated workload is 40 hours over 5 weeks.

You can now register your interest in OD Essentials - our free online training course - by visiting

Cohort 1 starts at the end of October and future intakes will run every 5 weeks.