Lung Cancer Awareness- Virtual Education Session. Tuesday 26th January 1-2pm

Join us for a ONE HOUR virtual session for Practice nurses, Paramedic Practitioners, Health Care Support Workers and any other Health Care Professionals, to raise the awareness of signs and symptoms of lung cancer. The aim of the session is to increase basic knowledge, support early referral and improve outcomes for our Patients.

This is a repeat of the training we delivered in November 2020

Lung cancer is one of the most common and serious types of cancer. Around 47,000 people are diagnosed every year in the UK. Spotting the early signs of lung cancer can be difficult and sometimes no sypmtoms present until the cancer has spread. This means the outlook for the condition is not as good as many other types of cancer. When lung cancer is diagnosed at the earliest stage (1) almost 6 in 10 people will survive their cancer for five years or more but that changes to fewer than 1 in 10 when diagnosed at the latest stage (4) (Cancer Survival in England, ONS/PHE, 2019).

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on all areas of cancer services but with a more sustained impact on some cancer pathways compared to others. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the lung cancer pathway continues to be particularly slow to recover during this time (CRUK).

To register for the event please use this link: Please feel free to join us as you eat your lunch and share the flyer/email with other HCPs who may be interested.

If you have any questions about the session please do not hesitate to contact Dr Bana Haddad, Macmillan GP Or Kate Regan, Macmillan Nurse Facilitator