Mental Health Training for Primary and Community Settings: Maudsley Learning

Mental health issues are common in primary and community settings. However, surveys show that GPs and other primary care colleagues have a variable knowledge base around these issues and often feel a lack of confidence in their skills to deal with problems that arise. The expectations of our patients, their families and healthcare regulators means this needs to be addressed better. With this in mind, we have developed a range of courses for those working in primary care settings.

Our primary care courses

  • Psychiatry update for primary care

  • Drug and alcohol awareness for primary care

  • Eating disorders for non-mental health clinicians

  • Early intervention and prevention in children’s mental health course: EPiCManaging challenging mental health situations

  • Mental health & wellbeing in the workplace

  • Skills for resilience, wellbeing, and leadership in primary and community settings

Please click here to view a one-pager that demonstrates our course portfolio in more detail.

Why choose us?

Maudsley Learning is part of South London and Maudsley NHS FT, one of the world’s most renowned mental healthcare organisations. Our mission is to produce the highest quality mental health and wellbeing education and training products. Whether you work for a small practice or commission services via your CCG or STP, we tailor our courses to suit your needs.

To further discuss this opportunity, please email me at or via telephone on 020 3228 6172.