Practice Assessor Programme

Canterbury Christ Church Univerisity is delighted to release the Practice Assessor programme (this replaces the previous Mentorship and Facilitation of Learning module). This course is appropriate for all Nurses and Midwives who have not previously undertaken mentorship courses.

If you want to book people onto the 2 day programme you need to do it via this link:

Please remember to follow your local policy in terms of booking a place on this course, and make sure that you receive permission from line managers, practice managers, primary care workforce tutors or equivalent.

The day will start sharp at 8.45 with registration at which time certificates for the 7 EVOLVE e-learning modules will be checked. It is recommended that you bring these with you (screenshots of the certificates will suffice) on the day. If you do not have evidence of completing these modules you will not be able to attend the study day.

This link will take you to the PAN London Practice Learning Group web page; in the blue bar towards the top of the page on the left you will see 'E-Learning Resources' click on this and you will be taken directly to the 7 Evolve modules;

Understanding students Roles and responsibilities Assessing learning needs Assessing learning in practice Raising concerns Giving feedback Coaching skills

You need to complete all 7 - this will take you up to 7 hours to do.

Following the day you will need to complete the competency booklet which can be downloaded here. This will demonstrate your ability to assess students in practice (and can be used as part of your NMC Revalidation). Once your line manager or practice development nurse/midwife has seen and agreed your proficiency you will be entered onto the Trusts Practice Assessor Register and you will be able to assess students in practice.'

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact Ria Baker and Sarah Pye at the university.