Practice Learning Facilitator - Virtual Forum

Dear Colleague,

As you may be aware, we had to cancel all face to face teaching from March and this included planned Practice Assessor/Supervisor development sessions.

Whilst the NMC no longer requires an annual update, we wanted to continue to offer a face to face experience for all Practice Learning Facilitators (NMC Practice Assessors and Supervisors, HPCP Practice Educators) and were disappointed not to be able to offer these recently. Going forward the University is hoping to offer some face to face and some online teaching from September. We thought this was an opportunity to try a different way of getting you together and have planned this Virtual Forum.

It will be managed through Microsoft Teams as this does not need you to download or store any apps to your devices, the ink is sent directly to your mail and a quick click opens the platform in whatever browser you usually use for web site access. You can join by video or voice only. We will record function for sessions and as we will need to run on time, this is helpful for late arrivals or if you want to rerun any of the sessions.

Our experience to date with virtual meetings etc has led us to the decision that we will only allow 15 participants, to any one session. As we previously catered across the academic year for 30 participants at face to face sessions, we will plan to facilitate two per month. This enables the same number to attend in a year as previously. Each session will be limited to one hour and will run to a strict timetable, for additional queries you can always contact either of us as usual.  

The dates that are available from September to December 2020 are:

Thursday 3rd September: 10-11am

Wednesday 16th September 1-2pm

Monday 5th October, 10-11am

Wednesday 21st October 1-2pm  

Friday 6th November, 10-11am

Thursday 19th November, 1-2pm

Tuesday 8th December, 10-11am

Thursday 17th December, 1-2pm

Please see agenda for the forum. The agenda includes notes that we hope will be helpful.

Please email to book a space, the booking will be on a first-come first-served basis. We will offer alternative dates if the session you are trying to book is full.