Retainer Doctor Update

In recognition that some retained GPs may wish to support efforts to ease the challenges primary care may face in relation to Covid-19, NHS England and NHS Improvement are temporarily lifting the restrictions on the maximum number of day time in hours sessions GPs currently supported by the National GP Retention Scheme may conduct provided the following two conditions are met:

1. Retained GPs’ increased participation is voluntary

2. Retained GPs have access to their existing level of support including in supervision during this period and that their needs are reviewed regularly

Retained GPs, who wish to increase their sessional commitment above their agreed number under the GP Retention Scheme, should notify their CCG via the local HEE scheme lead of their intention.

Retained GPs and their employing practice will continue to receive the financial support in line with their existing agreement. Any additional sessions retained GPs choose to undertake during this temporary lift will not attract additional scheme payments.

This position is effective immediately and for one calendar month in the first instance until 23rd April 2020. The position will be reassessed regularly and is subject to change.

If you have any queries, please email: