Return to Practice enhanced offer for 20/21

Since 2014, HEE has supported a national Return to Practice (RTP) campaign for all branches of nursing, in response to the national shortage of nurses across the NHS. So far 6,778 returners have accessed a RTP programme (Data: Sept 2014 – 31 March 2020). Supporting experienced nurses to return to their occupation is the most efficient means of strengthening the existing workforce. In 2020/21 HEE will continue to support the enhanced offer for RTP mental health (MH) and learning disability (LD) nursing. HEE is aware of the challenges facing these fields of nursing and is working to address them through the development and publication of an All England Plan for Learning Disability Nursing, soon to be followed by an All England Plan for Mental Health Nursing. This is coupled with the fact that when these nurses are supported to RTP, they often do so in smaller numbers than other nursing areas and has meant that there was a need to continue to incentivize these fields of nursing.

Return to Practice enhanced offer

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