SET Wellbeing: Milagros creative workshop Wednesday, 15th July 2020 at 7 pm

Milagros (meaning miracle) "In Mexico and among Hispanic Americans: a small object, frequently an ornament or piece of jewellery, representing the subject of a petitionary prayer, usually fastened to the image of the Virgin or of a saint to strengthen the petition or to give thanks that the petition has been granted." Oxford English Dictionary.

These objects are often in the shape of an organ or limb of the body and may constitute a petition for healing or a symbol of gratitude. Others in the shape of animals or objects have different meanings. Milagros may be carried as good luck charms .We will consider the metaphorical power of objects and talismans.

In this session we will create Milagros and use the creative process as a prompt for reflection regarding our patients and our own experiences. It is recognised that small group discussions accompanying art and craft making have a unique quality and generate fresh insights.

Positive psychology research confirms that expressions of gratitude have a positive impact on mental well-being. Expressing gratitude with patients can have a powerful impact on doctor patient interactions and colleagues are more likely to feel valued in a culture where gratitude is expressed. Roger Neighbour author of the "Inner Consultation "is one proponent of the value of expressing gratitude to patients.

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