Supervision places available – time-limited offer.

Offer for social prescribing link workers and health and wellbeing coaches.


Over the past year we have received useful feedback from social prescribing link workers (SPLWs) and from health and wellbeing coaches (HWbCs) about the supervision they receive in primary care. They have told us what’s working well, and where more support might be needed.

The Network Contract DES contract documentation sets out what supervision should be provided. In summary, both SPLWs and HWbCs should receive regular line management supervision and have access to a GP supervisor. In addition, HWbCs must have access to regular supervision from a qualified health coach supervisor. (For SPLWs, there is more information in the PCN social prescribing reference guide.)

From the feedback we have received we know where it would be helpful for PCNs to have further support and guidance and we will be working to address this over coming months.

Full offer details available here

Criteria for application