Update Your Knowledge of Smoking Cessations Interventions

Stoptober is well and underway and as a nurse, there is plenty more you can do to help those who have chosen to quit smoking this month.

Cancer Research UK hopes to help you with this. They appreciate time is a barrier when encouraging and helping people to quit smoking and believe nurses have the great opportunity to trigger a quit attempt using Very Brief Advice (VBA).

VBA is an evidence-based intervention that can be delivered by any health professional aimed at raising awareness of unhealthy behaviours and encouraging behaviour change in 30 seconds. NICE recommend all frontline health professionals offer VBA for smoking cessation[12], but despite this only half of primary care practitioners frequently complete VBA[13]. It is easy to deliver and can be:

- used opportunistically in almost any consultation without pressing a patient - delivered across many consultations to reinforce the message of how to quit - delivered without prior knowledge of the patient’s smoking habits

To help further your knowledge, Cancer Research UK now offers a CPD e-learning module, entitled Behaviour change and cancer prevention. This e-learning takes 30 minutes to complete and will help you to deliver effective behaviour change conversations using VBA.

Click here to complete the CPD e-learning today.