Who is at Risk of a Bad Death? with Pilgrims Hospice

When: Pilgrims Hospice Thanet: 15th October 2019,

Pilgrims Hospice Ashford: 16th October 2019,

Pilgrims Hospice Canterbury: 17th October 2019,

Sessions run from: 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Presenters: Pilgrims Hospices Multidisciplinary Team

Come and join us for a free education evening suitable for health and social care professionals. This session will cover: Who is at risk of a bad death? Learn to Identify the factors that may put a patient or their family at risk. People’s circumstances vary hugely; some need minimal input others need expert care and close monitoring. How can you help to decrease this risk? What actions can you take? How can Pilgrims help? Refer early if you see a risk. Assess risk factors for poor bereavement outcome.

What are the key steps to best symptom control? Total approach, effective assessment and careful application. How can people live well when approaching the end of their lives? Come to learn about the total approach, effective assessment and careful application of these principles.Take the opportunity to evaluate your own practice in providing holistic symptom control.

Please feel free to bring along case studies to discuss with the forum. Certificates of attendance will be issued

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